The Road to The Cross: The Submitted Servant

Posted on 21 Mar 2021, Pastor: Mike McClellan

The Road to the Cross

The Submitted Servant
Luke 22:39-46
Key Idea: Like Jesus, we too must submit to the
Father, despite the cost, in order to accomplish His
will and not our own.

Outline: The will of the Father will bring us to…
1. a place of divine ___________________ (39-40a)
2. a place of _________________ (40b, 45-46).
3. a place of _________________ (41-42).
4. a place of __________________ (43).
5. a place of __________________ (44).



Click on the ‘Cloud’ icon to view the video of the sermon and/or the ‘Book’ icon to download a PDF outline, some of each sermon WILL have the answers that these appear on.