Elijah, A Man Like Us

Posted on 03 Jan 2021, Pastor: Mike McClellan

Living Confidently in Troubled Times
Elijah: A Man Like Us
1 Kings 16:29-17:7

Key Idea: Elijah was a man like us who lived in a
day like ours who exhibited a confident faith in the
God we know and trust.

1. Elijah was a man like us (James 5:16b-17).
a. Elijah lived in a day like ours (16:29-34)
i. The leaders were sinful (29-30).
ii. The leaders trivialized sin (31).
iii. The leaders delighted in sin (32-33).
iv. The people deliberately sinned (34).
b. Elijah served the God we serve (17:1).
c. Elijah trusted the God we trust (17:2-7).
i. He trusted in God’s protection (2-3).
ii. He trusted in God’s preparation (4-5).
iii. He trusted in God’s provision (6).
iv. He trusted in God’s promise (7)