Dead Man Walking: Christ Our Peace

Posted on 22 Aug 2021, Pastor: Mike McClellan

Sermon Notes

Series: Dead Man Walking
Message: Christ Our Peace
Passage: Ephesians 2:14-18

Key Idea: Christ alone is our peace because through him our conflicts are resolved, our broken relationships reconciled, our need for peace revealed, and our access to God received.

Through Christ Alone…

1. Is conflict _________________ (14-15a).
2. Are our broken relationships _________________ (15b-16).
3. Is our need for peace ________________ (17).
4. Is our access to God ___________________ (18).



Click on the ‘Cloud’ icon to view the video of the sermon and/or the ‘Book’ icon to download a PDF outline, some of each of the outline sermon’s WILL have the answers that these appear on.