Connecting with Christ, Part 2

Posted on 03 Oct 2021, Pastor: Mike McClellan

Sermon Notes
Sermon Series: Strategic Discipleship
Message: Connecting with Christ, Pt. 2
Passage: Acts 17:22-34

Key Idea: We connect people with Christ by
boldly declaring the truth about God, man, sin,
and the gospel, and then calling on them to

We connect people with Christ by…

1. ____________________ the true condition of my
community (22-23a).

2. _____________________ the true God as the only
one worthy of worship (23b-25).

3. _____________________ the true relationship
between God and man (26-29).

4. _____________________ the saving gospel of
Jesus Christ (30-31).

5. _____________________ in our witness to the
world (32-34).


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